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2.1 billion euros: costs of the investment

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The estimated costs for the realization of the whole system lay in between approximately 2.1 billion Euros, thanks to project reviews of November 2014, costs reduced of 750 million euros.

Resouces are supposed to be earmarked with both public and private resources with the ratio weighing more on the private sector than the public sector.

The project will be divided in 3 “blocks”:

  1. breakwater, civil works offshore and onshore (A)
  2. oil terminal (il terminal petrolifero (platform and pipeline) (B)
  3. equipment onshore / offshore and maritime shuttle serviceĀ (“mama vessel”) (C)

Given the project complexity and the innovative nature of the financial engineering mechanisms to use to develop the project, in 2012 the European Union earmarked a co-funding of 770,000 euros to prepare technical-engineering research and the legal and economic-financial analyses.

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