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Milano Finanza – Interview to Romano Prodi: “Italy should not miss the Silk Road”

The Journalist Mariangela Pira asks:

Q.Coming back to the One Belt One Road strategy, why it is so important? A. It has a double meaning both by sea and by land. By sea it will be moved more goods than by land. Only the 10% of goods will travel by land.  The Chinese shift to Pireo is really changing the status quo. The port of Athens in the last 5 years handled from 600.000 teu (container unit) to 3,5 millions.

Q. In witch sense? A. (…) Chinese want to build a big railway from Pireo to the North through the Balcans, moving economies excessively to East. Hewlett Packard have already moved all its products made in china from the port of Rotterdam to Pireo . The same is for Huawei and other big companies.

Q. If done, this railway will floor Italy? A. Italy and its ports in the Mediterranean Sea, unless of a big strengthening of the port of Venice. For this reason I was in Tianjin, I would like to organize a big meeting on this issue in Venice .  

Q. Which is the solution, in your opinion? A. The relaunch of the port of Taranto or the strengthening of a port closer to the North European markets than the Pireo. Please remember that the Chinese company Cosco closed many important business deals in the Pireo area. The strenghtening of a port requires a decision, an important funding and a big business deal. Only in this way this port will last also in the future. 

Download here the pdf file (italian version) of the article published on Milano Finanza the 10th of November 2015.

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