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Mega Cargo? How to turn a problem into an opportunity with VOOPS

voops video

Look at the new video that explain how the Venice offshore and (multi) onshore port system will work.

A series of “drawings” explain how to handle large loads that megaships by 18 thousand TEU will unload at the same time; indeed it will be possible only thanks to an offshore structure accompanied by several points onshore.

The VOOPS, currently employs four different ground points (Marghera, Mantua – by river – Porto Levante and Chioggia) representing the “onshores” reference of the offshore platform. From here, enhancing existing port, river, road and rail infrastructures, the VOOPS will be able to download and forward containers to the different target markets.

The offshore platform thus becomes not a mere point of “load-break” but the first point of traffic deconsolidation able to efficiently organize all the operations for handling large loads and the entire supply chain.

VOOPS is a flexible and resilient system that allows the megaship to be localized as close as possible to the final destination markets.

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