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The final design of the innovative offshore-onshore port system of Venice including the offshore platform off the Malamocco district and the first container terminal which will be established in the Montesyndial area at Porto Marghera, was part of an international solicitation which involved the best engineering firms worldwide coming from Italy, as well as France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, China and the United States.

Only 4C3, the Italian-Chinese grouping of companies, including the companies 3Ti Progetti Italia and E-Ambiente, led by the 5th-ranking general contractor worldwide, China Communication Constructions Company Group (CCCG), passed the strict selection requirements of the solicitation and aimed at obtaining a high design standard.

Once the last administrative procedures will be completed, the group which will be awarded the contract worth over 4 million euros will be in charge of developing the final design of the dam and the container bay of the offshore Terminal, to be connected to the onshore Terminal of Marghera in the Montesyndial area with the innovative shipping system of Mama Vessels, as well as to perform monitoring activities and environmental surveys for 180 days.

This time, too, the international solicitation for the study and design of the onshore-offshore port system of Venice was successful in terms of participation and response. Some of the best design and construction companies took an interest in what, until not long ago, was just an idea on paper. With their support, they contributed to make it a credible, sustainable and interesting project not just for Italy but for all those Countries which, for different reasons, need to move the handling and the management of offshore containers, also for antiterrorism purposes.

I can’t hide my satisfaction that I can announce that the first ranking is the Italian-Chinese consortium, led by China Communication Constructions Company Group, which has been working on the project for a while, also in view of its construction, management and financing and that for this reason decided to create an ad-hoc European grouping of companies to be able to take part in the solicitation.

This is an additional, and hopefully final, acknowledgement that the project is successful. It’s a positive response to our efforts but also concrete possibility to find a partner willing to build a state-of-the-art port system which may give Venice, Italy and Europe an effective goods delivery and forwarding capacity, meeting the expectations of the Italian and foreign manufacturing world, increasingly operating on global markets.”, said Paolo Costa President of  Venice Port Authority.

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