innovating to compete globally

A “conveyor belt” between offshore and onshore terminals

nave portacontainer

Thanks to the synergistic work of cranes, automated straddle carrier and mama vessels we can eliminate wasted time and manage both regular and peak operations.

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Royal Haskoning hands over the final layout


Optimized layouts, flexible and efficient solutions and the reduction of investment and opetational costs about 25%.

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Montesyndial: the highly automated onshore terminal


It is the onshore terminal, located at Porto Marghera, directly connected across sea with the offshore terminal. From here, containers may be forwarded to all of Europe.

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Very fast portal cranes: the Steel Frame Cranes

anteprima_steel frame cranes_gru

Precise, quick and smart distribution. The new portal cranes designed for Venice sort high-sea loads depending on final destination.

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A new unit of measurement for containers: the cassettes

Anteprima_cassette (1)

They are the right answer to accelerate the movement of containers, just group them together on special loading pontoons.

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Made-in-UK Technology for the “Mama Vessels”

Anteprima_Mama Vessels 1

From the British Royal Navy submarines, the right technology to quickly carry containers to land and to all the sorting locations.

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